How to Do Roof Installation Properly


If you’re planning to install a new roof, you will need to know how to do it properly. There are many different steps involved in the process. First, you need to measure the area of your roof. This will determine the number of bundles you need. For instance, if your roof area is 100 square feet, then you need 35 bundles.

Another important step is roof flashing. This protects your roof from water leaks. A professional roofing contractor will use flashing around skylights and chimneys. Some contractors may use putty or tar instead of flashing. Installing this protection will ensure that your new roof doesn’t leak. In addition, it will protect your home against strong winds.

Before hiring a roofing contractor in North Dallas, make sure to read the contract carefully. It should include details about the project, including the type of roofing material and coverage. It should also state if a building permit is needed, which will ensure that the contractor follows building codes. It is also essential to check the contractor’s insurance coverage.

Next, the roof installer will remove the old shingles and inspect the decking underneath. If there is any damage, it will be replaced. They will also install a drip edge to avoid moisture buildup. Underlayment is another necessary step, and should be overlapped by three to four inches. If you live in an area where the weather is particularly severe, you will need to add a special leak barrier protector. Finally, all vents, pipes, chimneys, and other openings on the roof will be sealed.

A proper installation is crucial for the health of your roof. An improperly installed roof may result in a shorter lifespan than expected, and could void your warranty. In addition, improper installation will result in lifted shingles and sideways nail heads. Proper installation will also ensure nails are installed in the right direction and with the proper amount of pressure.

When hiring a contractor, make sure you research roofing prices and materials. Asphalt shingles are one of the least expensive and easiest to install. They are used in most areas of the U.S. and can be installed by most experienced roofers. However, the quality of the shingles and workmanship can greatly affect the lifespan of the roof. It is best to hire a reputable roofing contractor for a new roof installation.

Before you install your new roof, it is vital that you remove the old one. Adding new layers on top of the old one can result in premature failure of the roof. Besides, roofing is a dangerous job, so make sure you wear Personal Protective Equipment and stay vigilant when doing this. You also need to watch for any falling debris.

Before hiring a roofing contractor, make sure you know the process and make sure you get several quotes. If possible, talk to contractors in your area to find out the most affordable and reliable company for your project.